2022-2023 School Year Kickoff for Districts

At EverDriven, making sure you have what you need to kick off the new school year is very important.   Check out some of the new enhancements and features we’ve got for you.  

Prepopulating existing Students’ data: 

The Transportation Request Form (TRF) in the District Portal will prepopulate student information for existing EverDriven Students who have had previous subscriptions. 

This will make it easier for you to use the TRF for new trip requests or existing students because you won’t have to type in that student information.  It also helps minimize data issues like typos.  

To use this, you’ll simply search of the student in the existing “Search for Student” on the TRF: 

Next, select the existing Student and you’ll see their information populate:

If there are multiple addresses on file for a Student, you can select from the list of address for Home and for Different Pickup or Dropoff Addresses. 

Now, you can enter any missing information and enter information specific to that trip request: 

The TRF can now be saved as a Draft if you are only partially completed and want to come back to it later, or submitted to EverDriven if it is completed.

Note: Submitting the TRF form always creates a NEW trip request and does not communicate edits for existing in-progress subscriptions. Edits to in-progress subscriptions should be requested per existing processes. 

Providing last year’s Student List:

To help make getting the school year kicked off easier, we have sent out the End of Year Student List.  This report will help you quickly identify existing Students as you enter TRF requests for the new year.  We’ll also be posting this in the Reports section District Portal in early August.  

Improvements to the cancelation process: 

We’ve improved the workflow for when a District Portal user or Parent cancels a trip.  Previously, cancelations caused the trip to be locked and EverDriven would have to approve them. Now, District Portal users and Parents will receive notification of the cancelation within minutes.   

Coming this Fall! Visibility into District Calendars 

You will be able to see your schools’ calendars for the year.  With this, you’ll be able to review calendars to make sure that it accurately reflects holidays, in-service dates, late starts, and any other event that could impact your transportation needs. Need to make an update? Just send an email to your dedicated email address for EverDriven.