2022-2023 School Year Kickoff for Service Providers

At EverDriven, as we kick off the new school year, we want to make sure our Service Providers and Drivers get on-boarded and on the road faster.  

Add Drivers and Manage Vehicles from your mobile device:

You can create new drivers and manage vehicle assignments directly from the Contractor Compliance mobile apps to speed up the process of making drivers eligible for routes. 

These new features are currently available on Apple phones and will be available for Android phones this fall!

Drivers can now submit compliance documents from a mobile app:

The capability for Drivers to be able to submit documentation quickly and easily for compliance and eligibility is key for getting Drivers on the road.  This year, our partners at Contract Compliance have release a new mobile application for just that!              

The new Compliance Contract app – now available for Android and iOS – allows Drivers to conveniently complete all compliance requirements from their mobile device. This means you’ll spend less.