We are EverDriven to make a difference

Our mission is to provide equal opportunities, mobility, and peace of mind to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Every day, hundreds of school districts trust us to provide thousands of our nation’s most vulnerable students rides to and from school. EverDriven’s safe, reliable, consistent and technology forward alternative transportation services make a positive difference in the lives of McKinney-Vento, special needs, ESSA, hard-to-serve trips, and out-of-district students.

We have partnerships that enable us to provide an end-to-end school transportation solution including a comprehensive suite of bus and alternative transportation logistics and routing services for schools and districts.

Learn more about our end-to-end school transportation solutions including a comprehensive suite of logistics and routing services to schools and districts.

Our Story

First established in Orange County, CA, during the early 2000s, we’ve grown to work with an alliance of over 500 school districts nationwide. Enabling access to education for the most vulnerable students is what motivates us to continually assess, monitor and evolve our operations to deliver the safest, most efficient service in the industry.  

We believe that as the number one provider of alternative transportation, nationwide, it is our responsibly to set the bar for what exceptional service means in the alternative student transportation space because that is what matters most to our district partners, students and their families. By pioneering innovative technologies and leveraging our local field operations team, we at EverDriven always have safety, reliability, and consistency at our forefront.

Our Culture

We believe that our differences enable us to look at our business with much broader perspectives, ultimately allowing us to operate at our best. Our team works collaboratively every day to create solutions that put the students we transport first.

We do this by working according to our 5 cultural pillars:



We talk about our business challenges openly and don’t make them personal. We all simply want to produce the best solution possible.



We celebrate our successes and own our mistakes. We learn from both and apply those learning to the future.



Our success does not rely on a single person or team and believe great ideas can come from anyone.


Execute with Urgency

There is no time like the present. We prioritize our work and execute quickly and with excellence.



We do the right thing, always for our clients, their families, our partners, and our team.

Our Impact

ESG principles are part of the lifeblood of EverDriven and a driving influence that shapes not only our culture but all aspects of our day-to-day operations. While serving our communities by providing access to education is what we do, that’s not all we do. Each year we make over 2,000 paid volunteer hours available to EverDriven employees to help make a positive impact in their local community.

Keeping our planet healthy for us and for future generations is critical. Being in the transportation space, we understand the carbon footprint caused by motor vehicles, which is why we use smart routing technology to ensure we are using as few vehicles and driving as few miles as possible.

Safety is our #1 priority and our EverDriven Safety Commitment is at the center of everything we do. We believe all students deserve to be safe on their rides to and from school, which is why we proactively work with states that need alternative student transportation safety regulation to implement what we believe are the baseline common sense safety standards.

Our customers come from all walks of life, and so do we. We hire great people from a variety of backgrounds, because their input, experience and perspective make us better; and our clients, and the families we serve, deserve the best.