EverDriven Team Stories

Annie Le

EverDriven Controller, San Clemente, CA

EverDriven is the pioneer of supplemental and alternative student transportation. First established in the early 2000s in Orange County, California, it has grown to gain the trust of over 450 school districts in 27 states. Our experience and dedication are unmatched in the industry. The only way to truly demonstrate that is through our stories. There isn’t a single aspect of EverDriven that makes us unique, but the collective of all of our experiences and challenges define the entire company as a whole.

Annie’s Story

Annie Le, EverDriven’s Controller, was recruited by our Chief Accounting Officer, Curtis Douglas. “I approached Annie because I’d worked with her before. I knew I could count on her to do a fantastic job. Annie is an extremely hard worker. She’s reliable, proactive, and has a can-do attitude about pretty much everything. I knew she would be a great addition to the EverDriven family.”

Before Curtis’ phone call, Annie had never heard about EverDriven, but she did her research and was fascinated by both the company and the mission. But that fascination was as much (or more) personal as it was professional.

“EverDriven’s mission and the work we do has a significant impact on me personally,” Annie says. “My daughter, Kayla, was born with Downs Syndrome. We’ve been working over the years building a support system for her. She can’t express her needs and desires, so having people we can trust to provide daily support for her, both at home and at school, is extremely important. The school bus company that provides transportation for Kayla makes a huge difference in our lives, and it is such a great feeling to work for a company that makes that kind of a difference in so many other lives every single day.”

“Every family has its challenges,” Annie continues, “but when you have a child with a disability, things look a lot different. Besides the normal things like jobs, school, after-school activities, and sports, parents with special needs children also frequently meet with doctors, therapists, and other specialists. It’s critical for the child’s development to have the needed support. It’s also important, though, for the parents to be able to have some time to catch their breath and not succumb to the stress of it all.”

Annie knows what it means to be an advocate for her child. She knows how to follow her instincts and encourages other parents and educators to do the same. “If you feel like something isn’t right or if you have doubts, speak up and ask questions because you are fighting for a child who can’t fight for themselves. Be their voice – you might be the only one who is.”

Our goal has always been to “focus on the one” with our students. That wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and care we have for each other. The compassion we share for each other translates into everything we do, and that’s what sets us apart.


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