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Saving an In-Progress TRF as a Draft

The Transportation Request Form (TRF) in the District Portal now supports the ability to save incomplete or work in progress TRFs as Drafts, for completing and submitting at a later time.


1. When the minimum required data fields are completed, a new Save Draft button will be enabled at
the bottom of the TRF.

2. The minimum required fields are:

      • Student ID
      • First Name
      • Last Name

3. Once a Draft TRF is saved, it can be recalled by Searching for the Student

      • Draft TRFs will be noted by a “Draft” indicator after the Student ID in the search results.
      • Existing student records are still available and will not have the “Draft” indicator.

4. Once drafts are recalled, they can be edited and saved again, or they can be submitted once

      • Once a Draft is submitted, it will be removed from the system, be sent, and further processed as a new Transportation Request.

5. Drafts can also be deleted without submitting by selecting the Delete Draft button that is available
when working in a Draft.

Finding a Saved TRF

Here are some best practices for finding your saved TRFs.

To find a saved draft:

  • Go to the TRF section of District Portal.
  • Search for the student for whom you previously saved a draft of an in-progress TRF. You can search by name or by student ID.
  • It’s important be specific in your search, the more criteria you enter the easier it will be to find your draft. Keep entering the student name until the results show only the student you’re looking for.
  • You should see two results if there is an existing student with the exact same name and ID, i.e. who has had trips previously with us. Otherwise, there may just be one draft result.

Additional Takeaways:

  • All users can see in-progress draft TRFs for their district. This allows district professionals to collaborate on completing TRFs. In other words, Jonathan User could start a new TRF, save it as a draft, and then Maria User could retrieve it later and complete it.
  • You cannot save more than one draft TRF for a student. If you begin work on a second TRF when you already have an existing draft TRF in the system, the new draft will replace the old draft when you click “Save Draft.” This keeps the system from getting cluttered with more than one draft TRF per student.
  • Once a draft has been submitted, it gets sent to our Routing & Optimization team. You can no longer see it in the portal. As always, you will receive a copy of the submitted TRF via email (just like a brand new TRF).
  • When you go to the TRF section of the DP, there is no indication that you have saved drafts of in-progress TRFs. You must search for them.
  • If you are creating TRFs for siblings, you can save both their in-progress TRFs as drafts and come back to them later. However, you will need to search and complete each draft separately — they won’t be automatically linked as siblings again.

New “Running Late” Trip Identification

New status on the District Portal highlights trips that are running late so you can see them immediately.

The District Trip Tracker feature in ALC’s District Portal allows you to track students in real time during transportation. Now we’ve added a new status so you can easily see any trips that are running more than 5 minutes behind schedule.

The “Running Late” status will be shown in both the school view and when viewing trips for an individual student. Here’s how it works:

  1. When a driver is on the way to pick up a student (at home or at school), our system calculates their ETA based on distance and current traffic conditions. If the driver is predicted to arrive more than 5 minutes later than the scheduled pickup time, the trip will be highlighted in yellow on the District Portal.
  2. When the driver picks up the student, the ETA for drop-off will be recalculated again. If the student can be dropped-off within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, the status will return to the normal in-progress green color. If the trip is still running late, it will remain yellow.
  3. Once the trip is complete, the color will turn the normal dark green to show the trip has been completed. As always, you can view the actual pick-up and drop-off times for the trip by expanding the trip card.


District Trip Tracker, school view: Students with a “running late” status will be highlighted in golden yellow for quick identification.












Trip details: Expand the trip card to see all the details, including the scheduled time, new ETA, and driver information.

Redesigned TRF


We are excited to announce a redesigned TRF that includes new features such as a tabbed design, easier bell schedule selection, ability to copy siblings when entering multiple siblings’ information, and more.

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