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EverDriven SCHOOLS video series – “Have You Heard”

Many students with an IEP are required to ride alone. Luckily that stays pretty consistent from year to year, and you probably already have these students covered. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not still feeling the strain of getting everyone else taken care of, especially with all of the changes this upcoming school year is bring with it. 

When approaching transportation, many districts get the easy stuff, like filling their buses, taken care of first, and leave figuring out challenging things, like the students who ride alone, until the end. This year, what used to be straight forward isn’t anymore and some districts are finding that the general population is now their toughest group to serve.

I’m hoping that by giving you more insight into some of the things we’re hearing that it will help as you plan for what’s coming too.

What topics are the focus of your district? Let us know so we can feature them here.

Transportation directors across the United States are being asked to come up with some creative options, and as their partner, we have been working with them to do just that.

Here at EverDriven, our mission is to give students with special transportation needs an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. We understand that this school year is coming with some extra challenges but no matter what the challenges are, as we face them together, our students will benefit. 

Let’s keep the conversation going, what topics are the focus of your district? Let us know so we can tackle them together!

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