Mental Health Awareness Month and Its Impact on Young Minds


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Inner well-being is just as important as external well-being to say the least. Feeling aligned, present, and at peace – first from within – can tremendously affect how you move through life. However, it’s when challenging mental health circumstances are present that make participating in social activities, personal endeavors, or simply even attending school that much more difficult. This Mental Health Awareness Month we’re continuing to stand in solidarity with all who currently experience and have experienced mental health hardships – especially of young minds.

Mental Health Matters

As the nation’s number one alternative transportation leader, mental health awareness is incredibly important to us since some of the very students we serve face these challenges firsthand. Providing efficient modes of transportation to special needs students not only helps lessen the complexities of regular school attendance, but also keeps the mental health conversation going.

According to the CDC, behavior problems, anxiety, and depression are known to be some of the most diagnosed mental disorders in U.S. children. The organization states that as many as 9.4% of children aged 2-17 years have received an ADHD diagnosis. Statistics further show that 7.4% of children aged 3-17 years have behavior problems, and 7.1% of children aged 3-17 years live with anxiety. While these only scratch the surface of the vastness of mental health conditions in some children today, their ability to freely learn and enjoy school can severely be hindered.

It Takes a Village

Having role models – such as parents, caregivers, and teachers – in children’s lives can significantly impact their sense-of-self early on. It’s unsurprising that a child’s mental health can heavily be influenced by the environment in which they spend their time in – for better or for worse. That’s why it’s so pertinent for role models to do their part and support children as they grow and develop through the various phases of their young lives. Similarly, it’s important to note that concerning mental health symptoms like intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and irritability can be quickly brought to attention and dealt with when conscientious adults are by their side.

Furthermore, encouraging a strong foundation of confidence and self-esteem are pillars in which Mental Health America advocates when it comes to the promotion of positive mental health in children. A safe and secure home, warmth and love, respect, caring and trusting relationships with family, friends, and adults in the community, and opportunities to talk about experiences and feelings are just some of the several key points that the institution deems important to ensure health and stability in young minds.

At the end of the day – no matter one’s age – life ultimately has an ebb and a flow. While there can certainly be rainy days, some are just harder to shake off. That’s why adults should always stay diligent and present with children, seeking out professional help and advice when needed.

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