[OMNIA WEBINAR] How to Meet the Transportation Needs of Students in 20/21 School Year.

OMNIA Partners and EverDriven recently recorded a webinar that will provide your school district with solutions on getting your McKinney-Vento and Special Needs students back-to-school.

During the on-demand webinar hosted by OMNIA Partners, panelists Stacy Broussard, Routing and Field Supervisor-Transportation for Fort Bend ISD, and Josie Wilkes, Vice President of Business Development with EverDriven shared their valuable experience utilizing the state and district compliant alternative student transportation solution. Watch the recording to learn how an alternative student transportation partner can quickly and safely provide the support your transportation department needs for the 20/21 school year. 

Discussed in the recording:

  • How alternative student transportation is providing solutions during COVID-19.
  • How to safely transport your Special Needs and McKinney-Vento students with shortened ride times.
  • Why consistency makes a difference in the lives of these vulnerable student populations.
  • The added benefit an alternative student transportation partner can provide to your transportation department.
  • How to utilize the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract to get started right away.



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