Saluting Our U.S. Veterans

Our veterans are the heart and soul of this country and we are grateful to work alongside so many EverDriven team members that have served or are currently serving in the United States military. Their commitment to protect our country, freedom, and democracy, is the ultimate sacrifice. We thank our EverDriven team members, their families, and all of our U.S. Veterans for your service.

Christy Stout
2008-2008: U.S. Navy

Julian Hart
2016-2019: U.S. Army National Guard

Hugo Donis
2008 – 2012: U.S. Marine Corps

Ricardo Saenz
2018 – Present: U.S. Army National Guard CA

Kevin Parsons – RRT
1987 – 1995: U.S. Navy

Jerry Mehlenberg – RRT
1974-1978: U.S. Army
1981-1998: U.S. Air Force

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