EverDriven is a student transportation company that utilizes small-capacity vehicles like SUVs, minivans, and sedans to help school districts get students to and from school every day. We specialize in working with students who have specific needs or unique challenges that make it difficult to ride a traditional school bus.

Your child will be transported in an SUV, minivan, wheelchair-accessible van, or sedan, depending on their needs and abilities. Whether your child has physical limitations or simply needs to have their favorite stuffed animal while in the car, we understand that "one size" does not fit all. We match your child’s needs to the appropriate vehicle to promote a stable, comfortable environment, allowing them to arrive at school ready to learn.

We take great care to confirm that EverSafe Drivers are fully qualified and capable of addressing unique challenges with compassion and respect. EverSafe Drivers are required to complete our SafeRide Driver Education Course which not only trains them in safe driving practices, but also emphasizes driving students with unique needs. Additionally, we strive to provide your child with the same EverSafe Driver every day to ensure a consistent and comfortable ride.

Once a driver and vehicle have been assigned to your child, you will be able to view their specific information in EverDriven VIP.

Your child’s transportation schedule is determined by the school district. The schedule is based on the school’s bell times (when their school day starts and ends). Typically, students are dropped off at school 10-15 minutes before their scheduled start time. EverSafe Drivers return to the school for afternoon pick-up about 5-10 minutes before dismissal.

Once you confirm your child’s transportation schedule, you can view upcoming trips in the app, EverDriven VIP.

We use best-in-class technology to ensure you have visibility of your child’s transportation when they are in our care. Request access to EverDriven VIP to manage and track your child’s transportation with EverDriven. You can even adjust the settings within the app to receive notifications when your child has been dropped off at school or at home.

Student safety and privacy are paramount. To ensure that only authorized adults can track a child's location, we ask the school district to provide a list of authorized parents or guardians. When you request access to EverDriven VIP, we will confirm your identity and that the school district has approved your access.

If you're having trouble accessing EverDriven VIP, we're here to help.

If you have a special request for your child’s transportation, including adding accommodations, switching drivers, or changing a route, contact your school district. All changes must come from the school district to ensure the safety of every child we transport.

EverDriven’s services are paid for by your school district.

Your child’s safety, comfort, and well-being are imperative. When your school district sets up transportation through EverDriven, they inform us of any unique needs your child may have, including varying pick-up and drop-off times or locations, required safety equipment, and more. We use that information to match your child with the right EverSafe Driver and small-capacity vehicle.

EverSafe Drivers are fully vetted and continually educated on transporting children with unique transportation needs. EverDriven confirms that all vehicles are clean, well maintained, and meet all state and school district requirements.

EverDriven is committed to protecting the privacy of your child. For this reason, EverDriven communicates all student transportation needs through the school district to limit the risk of speaking to any unauthorized person about a child. Only parents and guardians who are approved by the school district may track and manage their children’s transportation in the app, EverDriven VIP. Additionally, EverDriven treats student data as Protected Health Information (PHI) and maintains HIPAA compliance.

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