EverDriven Team Stories

Ricardo Saenz

Field Operations, Anaheim, CA

EverDriven is the pioneer of supplemental and alternative student transportation. What was first established in the early 2000’s in Orange County, California, has grown to gain the trust of over 450 school districts in 27 states. Our experience and dedication are unmatched in the industry and the only way to truly demonstrate that is through our stories. There isn’t a single aspect of EverDriven that makes us unique, but the collective of all of our experiences and challenges define the entire company as a whole.

Ricardo’s Story

Ricardo Saenz joined the EverDriven team just over a decade ago in our St. George, Utah office as a dispatcher. Since then his family has relocated to Texas and Florida, and he is now a member of our Field Operations team in Southern California. “If EverDriven needed it done, I would get it done and they knew that,” said Ricardo. “The executive team at the time got to know me and I began to realize that they had an interest in me. I could tell that they wanted me to grow professionally in my role with the company, but what was most admirable, was that they also wanted to make sure that I was ok personally as well. That’s something you don’t really see in many companies.”

As Ricardo started to share some of his personal struggles, he found that his managers wanted to help him. They wanted to act and put forth actual effort to help him however they could. 

“Six years ago, I began to sponsor a loved one, helping them to achieve legal status within this beautiful country,” he continues. “It’s a very extensive and complex process and once you submit your application to become a legal resident, or get your green card, you’re asked to leave the country while you wait for a response. There are no guarantees you’ll get to come back.” This knowledge led Ricardo to the military. 

Ricardo joined the California National Guard for two reasons. First, he’d always wanted to serve a country he loves; and second, he knew that it would provide a waiver so his loved one could stay in the U.S. while awaiting residency. 

EverDriven gave Ricardo their full support. He took a leave of absence so he could attend Basic and Advanced Training with the Army. After his graduation, a year later, he was happily welcomed back to the EverDriven family. “The culture that has been fostered in this company has always been about treating the employees like family,” he says. “ALC takes a personal interest in going above and beyond to ensure their employees are being set up for success. It makes me proud to be a member of this team.”

While our goal has always been to “focus on the one” with our students, that wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and care we have for each other. The compassion we share for each other translates into everything we do, and that’s what sets us apart.

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