EverDriven SCHOOLS video series – “Have You Heard”


There are some truly amazing conversations happening right now on how we can get creative and adapt to whatever the new school year is going to look like.

We’ve heard so many different things. We wanted to talk about one that’s really standing out for us today. Having siblings ride together. 

It’s an obvious one, but still worth talking about because when we consider the overall purpose of student transportation, hurdles like siblings attending different schools, seem a little less daunting. 

As student transportation professionals, keeping our students safe and healthy is our most important responsibility. Grouping students by household is one possible solution that helps to control their exposure to viruses or even bacteria that others may be carrying without even knowing it.

I hope that by giving you more insight into some of the things we’re hearing that it will help as you plan for what’s coming too. 
What topics are the focus of your district?
Transportation directors across the United States are being asked to come up with some creative options, and as their partner, we have been working with them to do just that.

Here at EverDriven, our mission is to give students with special transportation needs an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. We understand that this school year is coming with some extra challenges but no matter what the challenges are, as we face them together, our students will benefit. 

Let’s keep the conversation going, what topics are the focus of your district? Let us know so we can tackle them together!

It’s not just what we do – it’s what we love to do.

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