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Alternative Student Transportation expands school district resources
Alternative Student Transportation helps children with special needs get to school
Contracted student transportation drives optimization for school districts
Alternative Student Transportation expands school district resources

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When your school district partners with EverDriven for contracted student transportation, you're choosing a scalable, flexible partner ready to meet your needs. We begin by working closely with your district to understand the unique requirements of your students and your seasonal transportation demands.

Alternative Student Transportation helps children with special needs get to school

Elevate Student Transportation

From medical and mobility requirements to scheduling constraints, our team evaluates each student's unique needs. To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, we match students with the ideal EverSafe Driver, vehicle, and safety equipment. If necessary, we can provide dedicated student monitors for extra support.

Contracted student transportation drives optimization for school districts

Drive Ongoing Optimization

Our commitment doesn't stop there. To ensure that your students receive the most efficient and reliable service possible, we continuously optimize transportation routes throughout the year, allowing you to focus on their education.

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Alternative Student Transportation

At Everdriven, we understand that every student's journey is unique, and for those who can't ride the school bus due to special needs or unique circumstances, we offer a tailored transportation solution utilizing small-capacity vehicles. Alternative Student Transportation is designed to ensure that all students can access their education safely and comfortably, including:

  • Students with special needs
  • Students experiencing homelessness
  • Students in early childhood education
  • Medically-fragile students
  • Out-of-district and rural students

With EverDriven’s Alternative Student Transportation solution, your school district will benefit from a customized solution that utilizes a local team of experts and best-in-class technology. In collaboration with your school and district staff, EverDriven will build a tailored transportation plan that aligns with each student's unique schedule and needs. This level of customization leads to more efficient and effective transportation. The benefits don’t end there.

Alternative Student Transportation Benefits

Enable equal access to education
Ensure legal and regulatory compliance
Scale with changing student demand
Prioritize student safety
Improve parent relationships
Gain full trip transparency

Equal Access to Education

Alternative Student Transportation (contracted student transportation outside of a traditional school bus) enables school districts to provide transportation options that address the specific requirements of students experiencing homelessness, foster care, disabilities, or special needs. This inclusivity ensures that all students have access to the education they deserve, promoting diversity and equity within the district.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

With EverDriven, school districts rest easy knowing they are compliant with all legal requirements and regulations set by their state.


Alternative Student Transportation offers the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and evolving circumstances of school districts nationwide enabling school districts to accommodate the requirements of students. Whether it’s 1 trip or 100, 1 day or the whole school year, we’re here to serve you.

Uncompromising Safety

As the industry leader in safety, EverDriven meets and often exceeds state safety regulations. The EverDriven Safety Commitment is considered the gold standard for safety in contracted student transportation, ensuring adherence to the highest regulations for EverSafe Drivers and vehicles.

Parent Relations

Providing specialized transportation for students with unique transportation needs enhances the school district's reputation and promotes positive relationships with parents and the broader community. In addition, EverDriven’s app provides parents with peace of mind and insight into their child’s transportation, including trip progress and driver information.


The EverDriven District Portal enables school districts to manage and view every aspect of their students’ transportation through EverDriven. It even offers reporting features. While our technology is the backbone of our service, our people are at the heart of everything we do. Your school district will get a dedicated EverDriven team to help you at every turn.

At EverDriven, we're committed to providing safe and reliable transportation for students with unique transportation needs. Join hundreds of school districts nationwide that trust us to deliver exceptional Alternative Student Transportation services. Contact us today to learn how we can meet the unique requirements of your students and make their educational journey a comfortable and secure one.

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