EverDriven's District Portal provides a comprehensive, efficient approach to managing Alternative Student Transportation, which leads to improved service quality, enhanced safety, and operational efficiencies for school districts. This innovative and proprietary technology provides districts with:

  • Seamless Transportation Requests: The District Portal streamlines requests for transportation services. This centralization helps organize and manage transportation needs more effectively, reducing the chances of miscommunication or errors.
  • Trip Customization Based on Student Needs: By enabling school districts to specify unique student transportation requirements, the District Portal ensures that each student receives customized transportation that meets their unique needs.
  • Trip Tracking: School or district staff can monitor and manage transportation coordination more effectively through the trip tracking tool.
  • Flexible Scheduling: The portal allows school districts to specify transportation instructions by date, including different drop-off/pick-up locations and times for different days of the week, accommodating the ever-changing needs of students. This flexibility is crucial in ensuring consistent access to education for students dealing with housing or economic hardship.
  • Reporting: The portal's reporting function allows school districts to generate data-driven insights. This can be invaluable for making informed decisions regarding transportation coordination, budget allocations, and identifying opportunities for efficiency.
  • Centralized Communication: A centralized platform improves communication between the school district, school staff, and EverDriven ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.
Convenient Transportation Requests
Customization for Student Needs
Transparent Trip Tracking
Flexibility for Student Schedules
Reporting Capabilities
Centralized Communication
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