EverDriven Driver is used by EverSafe Drivers while transporting students. Not only is it a user-friendly, convenient tool for drivers, but it also benefits school districts in many ways:

  • Operational Transparency: With GPS tracking and trip documentation capabilities, school districts can monitor and manage the transportation process more effectively, ensuring accountability and reliability in student transit services.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security: The app's use of GPS for location tracking ensures the safety of students by selecting the safest and most efficient routes.
  • Personalized Student Care: With access to pertinent notes on each student, EverSafe Drivers understand the unique needs of each child before the trip. This is crucial for students with special requirements or medical needs.
  • Continuous Safety Reminders: EverDriven Driver's safety checks before and after each trip help drivers maintain high safety standards. These prompts can include important information about vehicle checks and specific student-related instructions, contributing to a safer travel environment.
  • Increased Efficiency: Optimized turn-by-turn directions lead to more efficient use of time and resources. This is particularly beneficial for school districts looking to manage their transportation budgets effectively while ensuring timely and safe student transportation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The app assists in adhering to transportation regulations, which is essential and ensures a high standard of service. Only drivers who are EverSafe (compliant and vetted) can receive trips, ensuring the safety of students.
Operational Transparency
Enhanced Safety and Security
Personalized Student Care
Continuous Safety Reminders
Increased Efficiency
Regulatory Compliance
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