EverDriven VIP mobile app

VIP app: what is it? 

The VIP app helps parents, guardians, and family members track & manage their student’s transportation. Parents will get notifications every time their student gets picked up & dropped off, and can cancel future trips when needed — no phone call required. It’s available at no cost. Read more about the VIP app.

VIP User Account setup

Step A: Activate your account & create a password.

Note: setting up your account can be done on your phone or on a computer.

1. If you received a text message from EverDriven, you can get started immediately. Click here to activate your account and create a password. Scroll down to step 3 to continue.

Email setup instructions: Look for an email from EverDriven VIP App Admin with the subject line “Welcome to the EverDriven VIP app.” Email looks like this:

2. In the email, click on the link to get started.

3. If you’re doing this on an iPhone, it’s important to make sure this opened a separate browser window. Check to see if it says “Done” in the upper left corner. If it does, click the round Safari icon in the lower right corner.

Separate browser window check

4. Enter your email address and click the “Send verification code” button. You must use the same email address at which you received the invitation email.

Account set up

5. Go back to your inbox and find the email (from Microsoft) with your verification code.

6. Open the email and copy the verification code.

7. Go back to your browser and enter your verification code. Then click the Verify code button.

Verify Code button

8. Click the Continue button.


9. Set a password for your account. Make sure to write it down or record it using a password management app.

set password

10. You’ll get a success message on the EverDriven website.

Step B: Download the app to your phone

Your account is now set up. You are ready to download the app to your phone.

Step C: Log in with your email address and the password you just created. 

Once you have logged in and accepted the Terms of Use, you will be connected to the transportation program for your student(s).

If you have any issues, please visit our VIP app support page