The VIP App for parents & families.

Tracking, trip management, and notifications for parents and guardians.

Introducing the VIP App (Very Important Passenger) for families and caregivers of students receiving transportation through EverDriven. With the VIP App, parents/guardians can track and manage their student’s transportation. The VIP App offers both useful functionality and peace of mind.

Track the location of your student during transportation to and from school.

View ETAs of when your student will arrive based on actual driver location.

Get notifications when your student(s) get picked up and dropped off at both home and school.

• Get a notification if there is a substitute driver.

View upcoming scheduled trips.

Cancel upcoming trips in advance directly from the app — no phone call needed! 

Click-to-call-EverDriven functionality whenever you need to chat with EverDriven about your student’s transportation program.