VIP App Access Request

The VIP app helps you track & manage your student’s transportation. You’ll get notifications every time your student gets picked up & dropped off, and can cancel future trips when needed — no phone call required. It’s available at no cost to you. Read more.


  1. Text your name, your student’s name, and your email address to EverDriven at (844) 390-0030 from your mobile phone.
  2. We will enable the VIP app for you and then text a link for you to activate your account, create a password, and download the app. We will respond within 1 business day.
  3. If we require additional details, we will respond via text message.
Please note: EverDriven will enable the VIP app for parents, guardians, and emergency contacts who are in our system (meaning your information was provided by the school district when setting up your student’s transportation). If your information is not in our records, getting enabled for the VIP app will require confirmation from your student’s school district. This process protects access to confidential student information. Thank you for your understanding.