Ensuring Access to Breakfast with McKinney-Vento Student Transportation

Ensuring Access to Breakfast with McKinney-Vento Student Transportation

January 18, 2024

Did you know that February is National Hot Breakfast Month? This month-long celebration highlights the importance of starting your day with a hot and fresh meal. Not only does a well-balanced breakfast provide us with essential nutrients and energy, but it also sets the tone for a successful day ahead!


The Importance of a Hot Breakfast for Students

The benefits of a nutritious breakfast cannot be emphasized enough, regardless of age. Morning meals are especially crucial for students, as their breakfast routine can impact these kids' cognitive function, ability to focus during class, and academic performance.

But not every student has equal access to this vital meal. Students experiencing housing insecurity – including those supported by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act – may lack consistent access to food. This, in turn, affects their physical, mental, and emotional development.


Access to Food for Students Experiencing Housing Insecurity

Feeding America and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimate that millions of children experience food insecurity nationwide. One in every five children does not know when they will get their next meal.

Due to their circumstances, it's challenging for families experiencing homelessness to provide their children with adequate meals. Thankfully, many school districts participate in the free School Breakfast Program which is a lifeline for these children, as it offers them the most nutritious meal they may receive all day.

However, a lack of transportation can make it difficult for some students to arrive at school on time for breakfast. School buses may also be unable to accommodate the dynamic changes in pick-up and drop-off locations required by students experiencing housing insecurity.


Utilizing Alternative Vehicles to Help Students Get to School for a Hot Breakfast

The good news is that alternative student transportation can help kiddos overcome this challenge. Utilizing these alternatives for your McKinney-Vento student transportation can help you ensure that every student, including kids experiencing housing insecurity or those from lower-income families, can arrive on time for a warm and nutritious meal before their classes start.

Alternative student transportation uses small-capacity vehicles to supplement school buses. This mode of transportation can efficiently adapt to changes in a student's living situation or schedule.


3 More Benefits of Alternative Student Transportation

Every student deserves safe rides to and from school. McKinney-Vento student transportation enables you to enhance your students’ journeys while creating a more personalized and supportive experience for those who are experiencing housing insecurity.

Alternative student transportation meets McKinney-Vento students' unique needs:

  • Consistent and reliable
    Students facing housing instability often encounter frequent changes in their living arrangements, affecting their sense of security. Consistent transportation experiences are essential, as they offer these children peace of mind and contribute to better educational outcomes. Trusted alternative transportation partners carefully screen drivers and provide GPS data for trip visibility, ensuring a safe and transparent journey for everyone involved. This helps to provide you and your district’s families with peace of mind during every trip.
  • Flexible routing
    Small-capacity vehicles like SUVs, sedans, and minivans offer greater flexibility in route planning. It's easier to reroute a small-capacity vehicle that only transports a few students than a bus – allowing you to efficiently address the unique mobility challenges that McKinney-Vento students face. Additionally, when students travel on the most efficient route, they can enjoy more comfortable journeys while spending less time commuting. This helps school districts ensure equitable access to education while maximizing learning time in class for every child.
  • Protect students' well-being
    On average, 42% of homeless students report being bullied, and approximately one-third of them end up missing school due to safety concerns. Additionally, 8% of bullied students face harassment even on school buses. Alternative student transportation can help provide additional safety and security for these kiddos. Traveling to school in small-capacity vehicles can significantly reduce the stress these kids experience, enabling them to concentrate better during class.


Discover Our Safe McKinney-Vento Student Transportation Solution

Contact us now to learn more about utilizing alternative student transportation to support students experiencing housing insecurity.

Let's make a positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable students. Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month by ensuring they have access to this essential meal every day!

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