“ALC Schools has become an important partner in providing transportation to our McKinney-Vento students, and our special needs students who are placed in other school districts that can best address their needs. Operationally, we have a good working relationship with EverDriven, and they have provided many of our parents the peace of mind that their students are being well taken care of.”
Shirley Posey - Director of Transportation
Prince William County Schools, VA
"Prior to EverDriven, our special education director was getting calls on a daily basis from parents with complaints and issues concerning our previous provider. It was causing a major headache and consuming valuable administrative time. With EverDriven, customer service has been exceptional, which in turn has made our job much easier.”
Adam Schwartz - Director, Transportation
Grandv/ew C—4 School District
“I never lose sleep over EverDriven. They are very responsive and provide excellent customer service. Their efficiency in adapting to our evolving needs is unmatched and we are very appreciative to all they’ve done to help us achieve success and be fiscally responsible when it comes to our student transportation program.”
Shawn E. Smith - Transportation Director
Aurora Public Schools, CO
“We‘ve been working with EverDriven for more than 10 years, and we Chose to work with them exclusively because we wanted the consistency that EverDriven could provide. This includes background checks, training, and the same driver in the morning and afternoon."
Kelly Bissel - Transportation Specialist
Kent School District, WA

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