Alternative Student Transportation for children in early childhood education ensures timely and safe access to educational settings, facilitating consistent participation in learning and social activities which are crucial for cognitive and social development during these formative years.

Early childhood education students can refer to kindergarteners or preschoolers. In the U.S., early childhood education is defined as the teaching of children from birth up to the age of eight, which is the typical age of a third grader.

Contracted Student Transportation for Students in Early Childhood Education

With EverDriven, students in early childhood education benefit from:

  • Enhanced safety with adaptive vehicles
  • Additional support with car seats, boosters, and more
  • A familiar environment with the same EverSafe Driver

Alternative Student Transportation uses small-capacity vehicles, such as SUVs, sedans, and minivans. These vehicles can be customized to incorporate features that meet the needs of young passengers. From specialized seating arrangements to safety vests, these adaptations allow for more comfortable journeys and protect the well-being of early childhood education students.

Challenges arise for school districts when school buses aren’t equipped to accommodate car seats. To further add to the challenge, different states may mandate varying rules regarding the use of seat belts or car seats on school buses. Contracted student transportation is a great solution for early childhood education students and can accommodate car seats or boosters to ensure young children get to school safely.

Consistency is essential for young children as they navigate the transition to school. Alternative Student Transportation fosters a familiar environment and builds trust by assigning the same EverSafe Driver to each student daily. These consistent, reliable, and safe transportation experiences ease anxiety while setting a positive tone for young children's educational journeys.

School Transportation Funding for Students in Early Childhood Education

Local Educational Agencies may use subgrant funds under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to provide preschool-aged children with school transportation services.

Districts participating in Title I's schoolwide funding program can allocate these resources to extend school transportation services to all students in need, regardless of whether those students individually qualify as low-income. This approach ensures equitable access to educational opportunities for preschoolers and kindergarteners within the district while improving school attendance.

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