Saluting the Working Mothers!

Saluting the Working Mothers!

March 16, 2022

Statistics show that the working mom is becoming the norm, rather than an exception. Now, companies are encouraged to shift practices to support working mothers toward career advancement by offering efficient options like flexible schedules and being able to work remotely.

This previously untapped potential can help improve work life balance for mothers in the workforce. In fact, we've certainly seen the impact here at EverDriven.

Women have also found growing opportunities within the transportation industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identified that 24.8% of all people employed in the transportation and utilities sector are women. Furthermore, those specifically in student transportation are encouraged to make positive strides to feel empowered within their careers.

  • To the moms who get up before the sun to start the day with coffee and quiet before the kids are up.
  • To the mothers who hide the laundry piles for web meetings.
  • To the single moms who support their families on their own.
  • To the bonus moms who are still figuring out what that means.
  • To the new mothers comforting their babies between calls and web meetings.
  • To the moms who pack chips, cookies, and a PB&J for their kids' lunches. Every day.
  • To the moms who mute their meetings to tell their kids where the snacks are, or to stop a sibling argument.
  • To the mothers who continue to seek higher ground regardless of challenges.
  • To the moms taking calls on the way to daycare drop-off, soccer practice, dance recitals, or doctor visits.
  • To the mothers who are working to better themselves.
  • To the moms who continue their education between bottles and diapers.
  • To the mothers who take a sick day for the sake of their children and still work when they're sick.
  • To the moms who continue to advocate for their children and help with homework.
  • To the mothers who attend PTO meetings right after leaving the office.
  • To the moms who stay late and pick up take-out on the way home.
  • To the moms who remember to take care of themselves in order to take care of others.
  • To the moms who worry that they're missing out, or that their kids are, or that they don't quite have it all just right.

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