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District Portal
EverDriven's District Portal utilizes technology that empowers school districts to efficiently manage every aspect of their Alternative Student Transportation; offering features that simplify operations and provide transparency.
EverDriven Technology District Portal

Seamlessly Request Transportation

Effortlessly request transportation for students that is customized to meet their unique needs, ensuring a smooth onboarding process that prioritizes safety and efficiency.

Monitor Trips

Stay current and track the status of your students’ trips to and from school. Districts can view each student's EverSafe Driver and vehicle information within the District Portal. 
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EverDriven VIP
With the app, parents, guardians, and school staff can track their child’s or student's transportation through EverDriven VIP, a mobile app that provides peace of mind and transparency.
EverDriven VIP with mother and daughter

Instill Confidence

With the app, parents can confidently track and manage their child’s transportation. Guardians gain transparency by viewing information about their child's trip progress, EverSafe Driver, and vehicle.

Enable Convenience

School handoffs are safer with EverDriven VIP. School staff can track their student's ETA to meet them and their EverSafe Driver for pick-up and drop-off.
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EverDriven Driver
EverDriven Driver promotes the safety and security of every passenger. Through the app, EverSafe Drivers utilize GPS for optimized routing and location tracking.
EverDriven Driver with 2 EverSafe Drivers

Individualized Trips

EverSafe Drivers review student notes and safety instructions in the app prior to each trip, in order to meet the individual needs of the student.

Safety Notifications

Through EverDriven Driver, EverSafe Drivers receive reminders to ensure that student safety is always top-of-mind.
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Service Provider Portal
The Service Provider Portal enables EverDriven’s transportation providers to ensure dependable service with an all-in-one solution for fleet and driver management.
Transportation providers using EverDriven Service Provider Portal

Document Tracking

All required documentation is tracked in one place allowing a comprehensive view of the drivers’ compliance status. 

Consistent Service

Service Providers track driver trips, vehicle requirements, and can view future needs, ensuring that all trips are covered, consistently.
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