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Parents, guardians, and school staff (coming soon) can track their child's or student's transportation at their fingertips through this intuitive app.
Father and son with EverDriven VIP app

EverDriven VIP enhances safety, communication, and efficiency in student transportation management, while also reducing administrative burdens. Most importantly, the app puts parents and guardians at ease knowing they can track their child’s location. School staff can also leverage EverDriven VIP to meet students when they're being dropped off and picked up. Here are additional benefits school districts can expect with EverDriven VIP:

  • Enhanced Communication with Parents and Schools: EverDriven VIP provides a direct line of communication and insight for parents, guardians, and school staff. This improves overall coordination and ensures that all parties are informed about transportation details.
  • More Efficient Pick-Up and Drop-Offs: EverDriven VIP provides school staff with ETAs for student drop-off and pick-up so they can quickly, efficiently, and safely ensure students navigate the busy mornings and afternoons.
  • Trip Tracking for Safety and Transparency: Parents can track their child’s whereabouts, which enhances student safety and provides peace of mind. This level of transparency is also beneficial for the school district as it builds trust and satisfaction among parents.
  • Improved Attendance and Punctuality: By providing parents and guardians with mobile access to their child’s transportation schedule, the app can help parents and students improve student attendance and punctuality, which are critical factors in academic success.
  • Cost Savings from Trip Cancellations: Parents and guardians can cancel upcoming trips through the app, eliminating unnecessary charges to the district for unused routes.
  • Reduction in Administrative Burden: The app reduces the administrative burden on district and school staff by automating communication and coordination tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention. This allows staff to focus on other important aspects of school management.
  • Increased Parental Engagement and Satisfaction: The ability of parents to be actively involved in managing their child’s transportation increases their engagement with the school and overall satisfaction with the services provided.
Enhanced Communication with Parents
Tracking for Safety and Transparency
Improved Student Attendance
Cost Savings
Reduction in Administrative Burden
Increased Parental Engagement

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