Alternative student transportation and optimization solutions for school districts nationwide

Our mission is to provide equal opportunities, mobility, and peace of mind to the most vulnerable in our communities.

We are proud to partner with over 500 school districts, nationwide, helping families safely get their loved ones to and from school.

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What We Do

Alternative Student Transportation

We are the leader in safe, reliable, technology-enabled student transportation to school districts nationwide using small capacity vehicles.

Transportation Optimization Solutions

We are partnering with School Bus Logistics (SBL) to provide a comprehensive suite of logistics and routing services to schools and districts.

Who We Serve

McKinney-Vento and foster youth

EverDriven’s model enables districts to meet the needs of MKV and foster students. Proprietary routing software and dedicated client teams accommodate the challenges of transporting these dynamic students.


Students with disabilities

We know students with special needs may require a special seating arrangement, wheelchair accessibility, or additional personnel. That’s why we match each student with the right driver and vehicle to meet all of their safety needs.

Hard-to-serve trips

Our scalable solutions can provide transportation for a single student traveling to a remote area of your district or for a handful of students living along a rural route.

Out-of-district trips

EverDriven’s cost-effective solutions promote a consistent environment for students with unique needs requiring them to attend specialized schools outside your district.


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EverDriven Technology

Your source for specific EverDriven tools and reports. Features include, near real-time trip tracking, storing of essential student information, reviewing past trips, and more.


Our driver app provides drivers with the trip details they need to safely provide transportation for students and near real-time data regarding trip progress and arrival times to our Student Monitoring & Tracking team for complete visuality of their trip.

Parents and guardians can access driver and vehicle information, view near real-time tracking of students, and easily cancel transportation up to 2 hours before a scheduled pick-up time.